Without getting into much detail, when you hear a message „window not found“, JSonar is telling you that it could not locate the control (a button or an edit field) on the screen that you were trying to reach. Since there is no one reason as to why this situation may occur, here are several possibilities and troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve this situation.

  1. Very likely that the control you are looking for is not displayed on the screen, e.g. the button you are trying to click on belongs to the toolbar which is currently hidden. In most instances, JSonar will give you a hint as to which toolbar should be enabled, in other instances, you will have to find that information in the user's manual or Sonar's built-in help.

    To enable one or more toolbars, go to the „view->toolbars“ menu and check the checkbox for the toolbar(s) in question.

  2. The control you are looking for is covered by another window, thus preventing JSonar from reading its information, e.g. control's name, mode of operation and its location on the screen. Try the following troubleshootin­g tips:
    1. Use CONTROL+TAB to switch between all currently-opened windows and close all other ones (with CONTROL+F4) except for the window you are working in, e.g. track view.
    2. Try to fit as much of your project tracks into the main Sonar window as possible by pressing SHIFT+F keystroke.
    3. Make sure that the „large transport“ toolbar is not visible on the screen (use the F4 key to toggle it on and off).
    4. Ensure that „Step Record“ dialog does not obscure any part of Sonar's main window (use SHIFT+F4 to toggle „Step Record“ dialog on and off).
    5. Make sure that the „audiosnap pane“ does not cover any part of the Sonar's main window (Use JAWS cursor to look for a word „audiosnap“). If you do not need to work with the „audiosnap“ pane, remove it from the screen by pressing SHIFT+A and then the ESCAPE key.
    6. Lastly, try to hide track inspector (by pressing letter I) and/or bus pane (by pressing SHIFT+B) to clear up more room on the screen.