It is very likely that Hot Spot Clicker lost all its shortcut keys after JSonar has been uninstalled or reinstalled. Here is how to fix this situation:

  1. Make sure that the HSC set for your plug-in is loaded. You can do this in one of the following ways:
    1. Control+Tab several times until you return back to the plug-in window. If the correct set is loaded, JSonar should say its name in a slightly lower-pitch voice.
    2. Pull up the list of all hot spots by pressing Control+Alt+Shif­t+F1. If you do not recognize hot spots or there are none in the list, most likely that the preset has not loaded correctly.
  2. Press Control+Alt+Shif­t+F10 to open HSC's „Actions“ menu and choose „Keymap Refresh“ option from the list. You should hear a series of clicks after which Hot Spot Clicker should announce „Keymap refreshed“.

Alternatively, try to run the „JSonar Set up Wizard“ by pressing CONTROL+INSERT+R and let JSonar complete all the actions.

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