• Select the tracks you want to fade out. they must be audio tracks.
  • Set your from time at the spot, where you want to fade out with F9 key.
  • Set the through time to the end of the song with F10.
  • Go to the process menu and select audio. here you can select fade and then choose the method that best sutes your needs.

How do I list all the effects on a track or a bus or move to the effect bin?

You can find the list of effects on a track or a bus by pressing Control+Shift+F.

Cakewalk Sonar provides a 4 band graphic EQ which can be enabled for each audio track.

Below are the steps to use it with JSonar:

  • Open sonar and a project you want to work on; make sure you are located in the track view.
  • Find the track for which you want to modify EQ parameters.
  • Press the letter I if using Sonar 8.5.3 or later, otherwise, Tab once to the „track inspector“ and d

V-Vocal is a plug-in built into Cakewalk Sonar software that provides various pitch-correction techniques for improving the quality of the sound material.