Welcome JSonar 8.5.2!

Announcing the release of JSonar 8.5.2!

There is only one major change in this release: the JSonar control surface plugin has been recompiled to ensure JSonar installs correctly in Windows environments where certain Microsoft libraries are not present. Read more

ViewPoints podcast on Sonar and JSonar

The good people from the ViewPoints podcast have just mixed and uploaded the episode with Victor Tsaran talking about the history of JSonar, Cakewalk Sonar and accessibility of the music software in general. This is a relatively short listen.

JSonar.org is back online!

This is a short note to state the obvious: yes, JSonar.org is back online!

Since we moved our content databases to a new location there may occasionally be broken links. These will of course be corrected as time goes by.

JSonar 8.5.1 Is Live!

Well, you got it… JSonar 8.5.1 is now live and ready for you to download it.

For a list of new features, bug fixes and other house-keeping things, refer to the documentation provided in the installer.


How to quickly uninstall JSonar on Windows 7 OS?

Oftentimes, especially when installing a new version of JSonar or reinstalling the existing one, you are advised to uninstall the old version of the software first. On Windows 7 OS the uninstallation task has become very easy with the release of JSonar 8.5.