Accessibility-related fixes in Sonar 8.3 patch

Phil Muir points out that Sonar 8.3 quietly fixed the following keyboard issues: Read more

Cakewalk Sonar 8.3 patch is now released!

Hot off the press… Cakewalk Sonar 8.3 Producer and Studio Edition are now available to the public. This version contains a lot of bug fixes as well as performance improvements. The fixes and features span from external inserts and instrument tracks to a much more improved CPU balancing and, yes, new plug-ins. Read more

Scrubbing and Jogging with JSonar

This article describes how to use scrubbing and jogging features of Cakewalk Sonar together with JSonar. It applies to versions of JSonar and Sonar from 4.2 up to 8.0.
– contributed by Victor Tsaran

ASIO vs WDM: What Does Net Audience Think?

Every time someone is configuring their new computer for music recording/pro­duction with Cakewalk Sonar, one of the big questions that comes up is which driver mode to use, ASIO or WDM. Read more

New JSonar language added

I am happy to announce that a new translation has been added to the JSonar family of languages. Thanks to D!J!X!, JSonar is now available in Spanish in addition to previously-available Russian, German, Dutch and Swedish languages. Please spread the word!

Head over to the Daily Snapshots section and download the latest build for JSonar8. Read more