Editing ID3 tags for MP3 files using File Properties dialog in Windows

Apologies if this is not the news to some… But I just discovered that it is possible to edit ID3 tags for various music files directly from the „File Properties“ dialog of Windows XP. Read more

Stevie Wonder rallies for more access to gadgets

Even though this is not strictly Sonar or JSonar-related, I think that the message Stevie Wonder puts forward, is applicable to manufacturers of music software and hardware.

It is very common these days to find hardware gadgets that only have menus, control surfaces that rely on touch exclusively and „wonderful“ software that will let you create music only if you can click with a mouse. Read more

Cakewalk Sonar inside virtual machine

For some time now I have been wondering if it is at all possible to run Cakewalk Sonar or any kind of music software, for that matter, inside a virtual environment such as VMWare or Parallels. Read more

Using the Pantheon reverb with Cakewalk Sonar

Phil Muir shared with me the following article which I am happy to share with JSonar and Sonar users.

Cakewalk Sonar Video Archive

One of the listers on the MIDI-mag list generously informed us that there is a video archive of all Cakewalk Sonar tutorials available on the Cakewalk web site.

Enjoy it as I will!