JSonar5.4 is released!

JSonar5.4 is here with the following enhancements:

  • JSonar5 will now install HSC sets automatically during installation and remove them during uninstallation.

Latest JSonar8 news

As we progress towards an official release of JSonar8, I want to update readers on the latest features and fixes found in the daily builds of this version of JSonar. Read more

Phil Muir publishes Sonar FAQ

Phil Muir, a frequent contributor to the JSonar project, has recently published a list of frequently asked questions about Cakewalk Sonar PC recording software on his web site.

LunarTuner from Project Possibility

LunarTuner is an accessible musical instrument tuner, designed to be usable by blind, deaf, or fully-abled but pitch-challenged users…

I recently discovered this and many other interesting projects at Project Possibility website. Read more

FW1884 For Dummies Page

These days many home recording musicians as well as professional sound engineers choose to operate complex interfaces like that of Cakewalk Sonar with a help of the devices known as control surface. Read more