Converting and Recording MIDI into Audio

MIDI, audio, recording, converting… What are the differences between all these terms and where do they intersect? How do I convert MIDI into audio? The following article from Sonar's blog attempts to explain…

Converting and Recording MIDI into Audio – MIDI files function like sheet music.

Cakewalk Sonar Inside Virtual Machine, part 2

Some time ago I have published a blog entry exploring on whether it was possible to run Cakewalk Sonar Inside A Virtual Machine. Read more

Important JSonar and Hot Spot Clicker updates

For weeks now (no one really knows for how long) many users have been reporting strange issues when using various Hot Spot Clicker sets. The main issue was that the sets would not switch automatically when their respective plugins were loaded into Sonar.

Similarly, there have been complaints that JSonar did not accurately report VU meter values. Read more

Don’t Miss Press About Your Band – Use Google Alerts: Disc Maker's blog

A small update… Turns out not only Google runs their alerts, but yahoo! does too… And with many more options. The decision is yours though…

Thanks to the Disc Maker's blog I learned about this wonderful site run by Google. Well, to be more precise, this is not just a site, but a marketing powerhouse, if used correctly. Read more

FW1884 For Dummies Page updated

Phil Muir, a frequent contributor to the JSonar project, informed us that he has just updated his all-famous „FW1884 For Dummies Page“ guide.

Just to recap, Phil's guide includes: