Cakewalk’s Portable Recording Solution for Guitarists & Singer-Songwriters

Cakewalk’s Por­table Recording Solution for Guitarists & Singer-Songwriters – Every year at this time, Cakewalk travels to Frankfurt, Germany to attend Europe’s largest music trade show event, Musikmesse. Read more

Northeastern University Professor Teaches SONAR in Ghana

Great to see that Sonar travels all the way to Africa and grabs a chance of becoming a learning tool for music education in Ghana.

Northeastern University Professor Teaches SONAR in Ghana – Head of the Music Technology program at Northeastern University, Dennis Miller and his wife, Susan, are spending spring semest

Lead Sheet Software Compared: Disc Maker's blog

A debate over Sibelius vs Finale is just as old as the one discussing Sonar vs Protools. The article from the Disc Maker's blog below has a more practical and non-religious approach.

Peter Torpey joins the JSonar development team

I am happy to welcome Peter Torpey as a new developer to the JSonar project team. Peter has already contributed a number of features over the last couple of weeks that made JSonar a better software.

Education Profile: Doherty Middle School – Andover, MA

Education Profile: Doherty Middle School – Andover, MA – Jeff Buckridge directs the General Music program at the Doherty Middle School in Andover, MA. Besides being a well-known and accomplished guitarist in the New England area, Jeff is also an experienced music educator. Read more