Blogging . Quality Fresh Content Key SEO Strategy

Why is it that running a blog is such an necessary website positioning Strategy?
I’ve a idea that you may or could not agree with. I consider that blogs rule on the Search Engines attributable to one major cause, contemporary content. There are limitless debates amongst SEO professionals over whether or not quality content material or back-links are an important to Google. These discussions miss the purpose if they are talking about quality content without taking into account content material freshness.

Quality contemporary content material will win each time over and above another consideration in Search Engine Optimization.

The freshness of content is one thing that Google can judge quite simply every time an internet page is reindexed. It merely compares the present content with the index of the content material from the final visit. I might submit, that the Google Spiders would require a much more sophisticated algorithm to evaluate high quality content than freshness, and that is the primary purpose why freshness is all important.

In spite of everything, human editors regularly disagree concerning content quality. How may software robots be any completely different ? Any robust search engine optimisation Technique must be based mostly on not only quality content material but fresh content material as well. I consider that that recent good quality content will win out over stale wonderful quality content. It appears that evidently the Google Spiders like contemporary food much more than Subway Sandwiches does !

CNN is even forward of Google Information for a “news” search. Pretty superb is not it, since Google News is indexing each one else’s information ? The New York Times is listed on page 4, and the place is the Wall Road Journal? It is hard to find. I went to the primary 10 pages of outcomes and could not discover the Wall Street Journal anywhere. Here is a simple demonstration that may support my level about the worth of freshness, Let’s perform a little search engine marketing Strategy research. Examine the web page rank of each of the following websites using the Google Toolbar.

  • CNN – Page Rank 9
  • The New York Instances – Web page Rank eight
  • The Wall Road Journal – Page Rank eight

Not to dish CNN in any respect, but when Google Page Rank have been only concerned with content material quality, do not you think that the distinguished New York Instances and Wall Road Journal ought to have a minimum of as excessive a page rank as CNN ?

What about incoming links?

Another SEO philosophy says that backlinks are crucial factor to attain Page Rank and search engine position. Let us take a look at incoming or oneway links utilizing Google’s Advanced Search.

  • CNN – 205,000
  • The New York Occasions – 702,000
  • The Wall Avenue Journal – sixty six,000

If one-way links had been the main criteria, then definitely The New York Instances could be have the highest web page rank, and not CNN. Observe: one reason that that Google could also be reporting such a small variety of back-links for the Wall Road Journal, is because much of the Wall Street Journal’s content is subscription-primarily based, which requires a user identify and password, that might cease the Google spiders.
The approximate size of every of the sites is reported by Google Superior Search, as CNN – 1.three million pages, The New York Occasions – 930,000 pages, and The Wall Road Journal – 859,000 pages. Sites of this magnitude will almost certainly garner a high page rank on Google, due not solely to content material, but shear size.
If you do a Google seek for news, and variations such as monetary news, enterprise news, current news, CNN comes up primary each time. Why does this occur? It’s secure to say that it is due to contemporary content.

CNN’s site is updated on a minute by minute basis with content, unlike either the New York Instances site or the

Wall Road Journal’s website which are in all probability updated on an hourly or perhaps a every day basis. Google simply loves contemporary content, and search outcomes would seem to contend that CNN is among the absolute masters of contemporary content on the Internet.

From this simple comparison, we are able to see how dramatically fresh content impacts page rank and search engine position.

I ran throughout a somewhat fascinating website positioning strategy article lately, referred to as “The place the bots stop”. This text focuses on the question of how deep spiders dig after they index a web page.
It was found by what seems like some pretty good testing, that it varies fairly a bit between the totally different search engines. Yahoo appears to see solely the first 210k of textual content on a page. Google sees roughly 520k, and MSN sees a whopping 1030k of text.

Admittedly that could be a very great amount of textual content, in all probability greater than most internet sites would ever put on a single page. Let’s take into account what the spider sees, when it appears to be like at a weblog like the one Butch Hamilton has created here. The titles for the entire weblog archives are listed on the right. There are less than 100 posts now, but ultimately, there might be hundreds of posts and their corresponding titles listed as well.

I transient check of several in style blogs indicated that most had textual content from 10k to round 30k. This leaves plenty of room for additional links, and content earlier than the spider limit can be reached.

Each submit on a blog will be like an article, with it is personal title and content. That is the very epitome of what search engine spiders are trying for. On a typical blog you find natural links galore, recent content material up to date on a continuous foundation, and a simple to entry format that engines like google love. Recent content is clearly the most vital think about search engine positioning, and an essential ingredient of any search engine marketing Strategy. Glad Running a blog! by John Lombaerde, a CNC programmer with over 15 years expertise designing, programming and cutting advanced components on multi-axis laptop numerically managed, (CNC) milling machines.

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