How to Hire a Shopify Developer: Everything You Need to Know About It

Plan the hiring process

Market share of Shopify based stores exceeds 10% according to Datanyze, which makes this platform one of the e-commerce pillars. However, being tricky enough, it requires professional Shopify developer engagement to reveal the power of Shopify potential. This makes the idea of hiring a Shopify developer more than just reasonable. In this article, you’ll find some meaningful insights about how to find and hire a trustworthy Shopify specialist. 

Which Developer Do You Need?

Even within the web development industry, specialists can vary dramatically. Let’s review major of them:

  • Freelancer vs agency specialist controversies around freelance developers and agency contractors have always been hot. Well, the thing is Shopify development company can offer you guarantees and reliability, while freelancers are more preferable in terms of cost-efficiency and flexibility. Eventually, it’s up to you to choose your priorities!
  • Niche specialist Shopify development services are diverse, and some Shopify experts go deep into particular aspects of the platform. Let’s say, there are performance optimization professionals, app developers, themes specialists, and many more. Thus you can find the qualified developer with certain skills. 

Project Outline Creation

From the very beginning it would be good to define all the constraints. The Statement of Work (SOW) document is perfect to fit this need. There you should describe the main pillars which won’t be changed during the development process. Below you can consider the statements you may include to your own SOW:

  • Goals – describe here the final results you want to obtain via programmers engagement. That’s convenient to do in a list format: include there features you want to implement, Shopify website development services you need, required integrations, or anything else.
  • Budget – be realistic as much as possible while setting the project budget. You can search for similar job-posts through the job-boards, and check their budgets to make a comparison. Don’t lose sight of the fact that hiring a professional Shopify developer won’t be necessarily cheap – so, don’t fall for low price strategies. 
  • Deadline – clear up timeframes of the project from the very beginning, since some developers have their own sense of time, hence they work at their own pace. That’s why you’d better define the rules of the game from the outset. 
  • Payment Schedule – define the most convenient way and frequency to make payments and reflect it in the project outline. 

Communication – determine a comfortable method of communication. Currently, the most popular software is Skype, Slack, and though you can choose the software you prefer the most.

Remember that the project outline should be clear and understandable. Strive to avoid complex figures of speech, be honest and straightforward. It’s a good idea to ask somebody to proofread the final result with fresh eyes and make fixes if needed. 

Sources to Look for a Shopify Developer

Hire Shopify Developer

Have already finished the project outline? Great! It’s time to take the next serious step: look for the specialist. Here we’ve compiled a list of reliable resources for you to find a perfect Shopify developer:

  • Personal network – Don’t overlook the power of grapevine and contact your professional work environment – partners, colleagues, acquaintances, everyone who recently engaged the Shopify e-commerce development services and you can trust to. Maybe they can recommend a trustworthy Shopify company or an individual developer. 
  • Shopify partners – Shopify platform has Partner Program which is intended to unite the top professionals of the sphere under the same roof. Why is this resource so trusted? That’s not easy for a Shopify web development company to become a Shopify Partner – the applicant shall provide at least 5 successful Shopify projects. Thus, while searching for the developer in Shopify Partners directory, you can be sure that every candidate you see there is qualified and skillful.
  • Freelance websites – You can profit from searching a Shopify specialist through the resources for freelancers. The most famous are currently Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Fiverr and Simply Hired. These websites are beloved for their particularly remarkable databases which makes the task of finding an appropriate specialist smooth and easy. All you have to do is to post your job and wait for a while. Be sure to receive 20-100 applications! 
  • Social networks – That’s really hard to find a person who avoids social media presence – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Take your advantage of this fact and write an engaging post claiming you’d like to hire a Shopify developer. Don’t be afraid to be creative – the more engaging your post is, the more viral it will be.

Skills Verification

Well, the right candidate was found. But how to ascertain their proficiency and overall adequacy? Skills verification process to the rescue. As for developers, skills are commonly divided into two groups – hard and soft ones. Let’s review them both in detail.

Hard Skills

Hard skills unite the teachable and measurable abilities. It can be foreign language proficiency, programming languages competence, various certificates, and so on. 

The most popular way to verify the applicant’s hard skills is to ask the candidate to pass an interview or test assignment. You can also go through the applicant’s LinkedIn profile in order to check their previous experience and look for some recommendations from previous applicant’s employers. 

Nevertheless, hard skills are often tough to verify. It’s particularly tricky if you are far from development processes. What should you do in a case like this? First and foremost – don’t panic! You can turn to LinkedIn and search for or a nearby development specialist to engage them as a consultant.

Soft Skills

Every specialist is not just a compilation of skills and talents, but a living person to collaborate with. Soft skills are intended to make the interaction smooth and foster mutual cooperation. It’s up to you to decide what features you’d like to see in your candidate. Probably, you expect from your candidate accountability and open-mindness, or empathy and problem solving.

Upon reviewing all skills verification results you are ready to make a job offer to a selected applicant. You can offer them a trial period from two weeks up to 90 days in order to confirm you’ve made the right choice. 


Finding an appropriate applicant for hire is always a bit of a headache. Though, the advantages you’ll get after you hire Shopify web developer are so impressive that your efforts definitely worth it. Hope, you’ve obtained a clear understanding of the hiring process from A to Z. Wish you the best of luck!