There’s still some folks who believe that martech is actually a hoax or at least a completely useless niche with app creators squeezing money out of website owners with no value given in return. These people usually say that all you need to do is to create useful content, publish it and see the email lit up with chirpy customers. Needless to say, these guys never post anything at all and soon go out of business.

Martech is the new SEO

Of course, marketing technology (aka “martech”) solutions aren’t a hoax. These are just apps that help marketing teams do their jobs a bit better. Like Uber or Tinder. 

The problems start when a newbster goes after a latest shiniest thing on martech market, expecting that it will transform the business, but having no idea as to what it does and how it works.

Importantly, you should understand that martech apps are just “assistants” in a marketer’s hands. With no underlying activities to generate content, promote it throughout the niche or expand their scope, martech won’t do a thing. But for a vibrant marketing strategy, these solutions can work magic.